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Contents of Services

Tax service

When you were not making money, you might have believed that it is natural to pay tax when you will make money in the future. Meanwhile, when you actually make money as business goes well, you might think you want to save tax to retain or appropriate money to you as much as possible. This is really a natural thing to think about.

Most of all (or ALL) we met before think like that.

However if you conduct tax evasion, you'll be a criminal who are chased by tax man.
If it is a minor error, you'll not be the one, but tax evasion is not a wise behavior anyway.

What should we do ?

Accounting service

Accounting has diversity in its contents. Whom should you disclose ? From whose standpoint should the figures be prepared and presented ?
Generally speaking, medium to small size company follows tax accounting and listed company must be subject to Generally Accepted Accounting Standards.
We explain further here as there are other important aspects in accounting rolls.

What's importance of accounting for medium to small size company ?

Much more accounting rolls than above !!!

International accounting

You are management of a Japanese subsidiary of an international corporation.
Parent company requests you to report financial statements based on its company's rules, IFRS or US-GAAP.
Also you have to keep budget far under fees by big accounting firms.
Trust us in such a case! We, partners are all from big audit firms and can solve your problems.
We even keep books in English, based on Japanese tax rules, and adjust them into your requesting framework like IFRS.
We can thoroughly explain how the tax filings are made.

Preparation for business succession

Most family company's management will be worried about business succession in the future. Needless to talk about your children.
We do not see the scenes that those management share problems with friends under similar circumstances.
As a completely third parties, we will be of your help at objective advisors.
We present variety of choices for successions including M&A with deep expertise. You can determine one of those choices according your business policy and philosophy of life.

Support for starting business

You may be at loss for legal foundation procedures, funding money, social insurance procedure, preparation of business plan, preparation of financial statements, and so on.
Trust us for those duties. We are existing to solve those matters. Please leave them to us and engage yourself at real business front line !